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Are you searching for a pet relocation service near me?

Petdel Movers is a leading pet relocation service in India, and we offer one of the most trusted pet relocation services in India. In just a short period, we have become one of the most trusted pet courier services and have built a reputation based on trust and reliability.

The pets we transport and relocate include:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Birds
  • Rabbits

Our cheap dog transportation services are reliable, safe and secure, as our primary aim is to offer your pet a comfortable and safe transportation journey filled with love and care.

Our compassionate approach makes us the best in the industry, as we believe that pets are our family, and they must be handled with complete love and care when transported to another city or country.

Domestic Pet Relocation Services in India

Domestic Pet Relocation Services in India

You no longer have to worry or be stressed about the transportation and relocation challenges related to your pets when moving within India. Petdel Movers – a leading pet courier service, is here to transport and relocate your pets safely to India.

Our pet transportation near me services include Domestic Pet relocation services that offer lower your stress and anxiety related to pet transportation or relocation. So, whether you are moving to another city for a new career opportunity or shifting permanently with your family, our domestic pet transportation services assist your pets throughout your relocation journey!

To make the transportation process simple and comfortable for your pets, we have our portable vehicle that we use when transporting your pets.

We even provide pet courier services via flights and trains.

Our specially designed crates and cages provide a comfortable and safe stay during transit.

You never have to worry about any minor or major requirements related to pet transportation and relocation as we take charge of the entire process – from documentation and certificates needed for the domestic transportation of your pets to flight/train bookings, etc.

Dog transport service within India and abroad.

Modes Of Transportation

Petdel Movers strives hard to reunite your four-legged baby with you wherever you are. Thus, we use all the three modes of transportation such as Flight, Train and Road Shipping.

Flight Transport for Pets


Airway is considered to be the convenient mode of transportation as it is less time-consuming. Flying is also better for your pet since it involves less motion sickness as well as less anxiety building. Further, it is appraised to be the safest option statistically.

Indian Railways

Indian Railways

You can also choose to relocate your pet via Train. In dian Railway allow pet parents to travel with their pet in First Class AC coaches. Tough Train is not a preferred mode if you are looking for a quick relocation of the pet as compared to Flight transportation.

Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi is another important mode of transportation most commonly used for intercity and intracity movement of the pet. Ground shipping of pets should not be considered for long routes unless Flight and Train connectivity is not available for the destination.

Documents Required

Pet transportation requires certain paper work depending upon the type of transportation you choose for your pet. Travelling via Flight and Train Have different requirements but most of it is common.

Pet Vaccination

Pet Vaccination

Medical records are mandatory for relocating your fur baby in order to ensure immunity and past health records. This is necessary to meet any unanticipated challenges that the pet might encounter in foreign surroundings.

Fit To Travel Certificate

Fit To Travel Certificate

Moreover, a Fit to Travel certificate of your pet is also required, which needs to be produced 24 hours prior to travel by a certified vet.

Pet Travel Crate

Pet Travel Crate

If you want to travel with your pet via Flight which is also the fastest medium to relocate  your pet anywhere. You would require a pet crate.

International Pet Relocation Services

International Pet Relocation Services

Relocating internationally with pets can be a tiresome and complicated process as there are several procedures one must go through.

Our international pet delivery service removes all the complications and hassles related to international pet relocation and transportation so that you and your pets can peacefully and comfortably relocate to another country.

There are several things to consider with international pet relocation – documentation, shipping restrictions and other steps required for a safe relocation.

However, your pet’s safety is your priority, and our pet relocation services ensure an enjoyable, hassle-free journey for your pets!

Affordable pet delivery services for International transportation and relocation of pets.

Complete support in documentation, medical assistance and boarding of your pets.

Pet relocation service for all pets – dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.

Experienced team of pet and animal lovers who prioritise your pet’s safety and comfort and ensure that your pet faces no discomfort during its journey.

International dog transport service

International Pet Relocation Service Consists of:-

1. International Pet Export:-

 Are you moving out of the country with your pet? Our pet relocation service manages every aspect of your pet’s international relocation! Right from logistics to certifications and paperwork, we handle it all! You and your pet can relocate without any worries! We also help you meet the import & export criteria needed for pet relocation.

2. International Pet Import:-

Do you need help importing your pet? Our pet transportation service helps you safely import your pet to India! We coordinate with Animal Quarantine and Certification Services for the import licences related to international travel and all the technicalities that come with it. We take care of all the details while you can sit back and relax!

Animal Quarantine and Certification Services (AQCS)

Animal Quarantine and Certification Services (AQCS)

You have to follow the AQCS regulations of the government of India when you want to import your pet to India from other countries. It is mandatory to comply with the AQCS regulations when bringing your pets to India.

The purpose of animal quarantine is to prevent the contamination of harmful and dangerous diseases by importing livestock and livestock products.

We are a pet relocation service near me that offers pet parents complete support related to the certifications and vaccinations needed for their pets to meet AQCS India’s requirements.

Our pet transportation service manages all the documentation and approval processes related to the relocation of your beloved pet.

You do not have to coordinate with different government agencies as we provide exclusive International pet transport service.

 What Is The Purpose Of Animal Quarantine?

The Purpose Of Animal Quarantine

Several infectious livestock diseases are not present in India, and it is essential to prevent the spread of exotic infectious diseases through the movement of livestock and livestock products.

For acting as a defence against the ingress of exotic diseases of veterinary importance via implementing policies related to import regulation, restriction, the prohibition of livestock and livestock products and Biological and micro-organisms.

To prevent the entry of any exotic disease via travel and international trade and ensure the health and safety of both animal and human life.

Factors Required For A Pet Passport In India For Both Import And Export

Your pet must be microchipped: As per immigration rules, your dog or cat must be microchipped with a non-encrypted ISO 17784 or ISO 11785 chip, which is mandatory for international pet travel.

You Must Obtain an Import Permit: NOC or a Non Objectionable Certificate is an import permit for the movement of any animal in or out of the country, irrespective of whether the animal is accompanied via baggage or a part of the airline cargo.

Health Certificate: This needs to be obtained by a registered veterinary practitioner and must be signed and stamped.

Quarantine Certificate: The certificate states that your pet has received the appropriate vaccinations for movement. The document is obtained from Animal Quarantine and Certification Services (AQCS) and clarifies that your pet is healthy and disease-free.

A Pet Passport In India For Both Import And Export

Types Of Pet Transportation Services We Offer:

Door To Door Services

Door To Door Services:

Our pet relocation services include picking up your pet from your current doorstep and dropping them at the specified location. It includes all aspects related to travel. We pick up your pet in our pet taxi, help them board the mode of transport, collect them and drop them at your doorstep.

Airport To Airport Services

Airport To Airport Services:

We manage everything right from flight bookings, crates, transfers, and even arrivals. You can receive your pet at the destination airport. From documentation to immigration, our team of professionals handle everything!

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