By agreeing to get connected to Petdel Movers, you accept all terms and conditions to relocate your pet. We operate to ensure safe and comfortable travel of pets, and all decisions are taken considering the well-being of your pets.

You also agree that Petdel Movers will not be held responsible for delays in flights, cancellations or restricted services in any manner whatsoever.

The agents, staff or veterinarian will not be held responsible for illness, injury or death of pets due to a cause outside human control.

Our team will not be responsible for a pet’s anxiety conditions and we strongly refrain to handle aggressive and fearful pets.

The quotations requested and accepted are based on the height, type, and weight of your pet and are subject to changes. In case of any incorrect information provided by the owner about the pet’s weight or height, extra freight charges pertain to exist.

Administration fee will be charged for flight reservations and documentation. Also, customs clearance and handling charges are not included in the quotation.


If your pet is less than eight weeks old, it cannot be transferred. This applies to young kittens and puppies, keeping their health in mind.

However, if the kitten or puppy is between 8-12 weeks old, you will require a vet certificate stating that the pet is healthy and isn’t infected with any contagious disease. The same goes for older cats and dogs.

Breeds that are classified as dangerous animals by the Indian government cannot be transferred under any circumstances.

We do not encourage the use of sedatives on pets at the time of travel and are to be arranged by the client themselves.