How To Safely Transport Your Two Dogs With In or Out of India

How To Safely Transport Your Two Dogs With In or Out of India

Safely Transport Your Two Dogs

It’s difficult to relocate to a new state or city. It’s because you have to put a lot of preparation into it. Numerous difficult chores, including packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking, must be performed. Whether you choose to transport your dog by land, sea, or air, you should make sure that he is comfortable and that you always have treats or toys on hand for him to enjoy during the lengthy journey.

Dogs must wear seat belts as well. To prevent dogs from moving around in the automobile, it is imperative to buckle up the seatbelt and snuggle them into the seat. Either the dog’s leash or the harness that is worn by the dog is equipped with seat belts. It is the easiest method of taking the dog on a trip. This guide will help you get started with the procedure if you need assistance Understanding how to transport dogs or assistance finding a Dog transport service in India.

Here’s the guide on how to safely transport your two dogs in or out of India

Employ a cabin handler:

Hire a qualified in-flight dog sitter if you have two little dogs (under 20 pounds) and you can’t take them with you on the flight. Dog owners with young children or anyone whose attention could otherwise be diverted on a flight should definitely consider this option. On the flight, two dogs require continual supervision.

An ideal in-air handler is knowledgeable and offers specialized care. Giving them their preferred toys and snacks is one way to do this. The price varies, but it often includes the handler’s fee as well as all airline costs.

Air Plane:

Pets weighing less than five pounds were permitted to board the trip as hand luggage by a plane. A health certificate from a nearby veterinarian that was issued no more than 48 hours prior to the trip is required, along with the pet being at least three months old, fully vaccinated, and documented. The pet must also have a roomy, cozy crate that has been approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to sit in during the voyage. The price of a “cargo ticket” for a pet is determined by the volumetric weight, size, and weight of the container holding the animal.

Transporting a pet on trains:

Pet transportation aboard trains is governed by different restrictions, according to Indian Railways. According to section 77-A of the Indian Railway Act, there is an additional charge for transporting animals like dogs and birds. Chains and collars must be provided for the dogs. Owners are responsible for making their own preparations for the dog’s food and water needs when traveling.

India’s Pet Transportation Services are Reasonably Priced and Reliable:

For dog transport services in India, Moving Solutions provides dependable and reasonably priced dog transport services. You may use this particular service. You will receive full support from beginning to end if you use a pet transportation service. Professionals will guarantee the pet’s safe transportation and prompt delivery.


The pet transportation market is expanding quickly. The fact that pet owners now have more options than ever is wonderful, but it also raises the possibility of fraud.

Before entrusting a company with their two dogs, anyone will want to ask pet transport companies some questions, but you have to ask the appropriate ones.