Dog Transportation Tips For Your Long-Distance Move

Dog Transportation Tips For Your Long-Distance Move

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Whether moving a few miles away or to a new city, it can take a lot of work to pack up your whole house and start over in a new place. Adding a long-distance move and pets to the mix makes it impossible to move without stress. If driving with your pets makes you nervous, keep reading to learn how to make the trip as easy as possible for you and your furry friends with a dog transport service.

Here are four tips on how to make a long-distance move easier on your pet

Talk to your vet right away

Your pet will need to be checked out and may need extra shots, but first, you should make sure he’s healthy enough for a long-distance move. Your vet will tell you that pets can no longer be sedated when they fly. Drugs that make them feel woozy throw them off balance and make them more confused and not calmer. Dog transport service will help your pet feel less stressed about the move.

Help Them Get Used To The Way They Will Be Travelling

Whether you send your pet across the country or worldwide, you must use a kennel approved by the airline. These carriers are made to keep your pet safe during the flight. There are no sharp edges that could hurt your cat or dog, and there are many airflows. However, your pet will not be able to stick its nose or paws out of the kennel. The door has a latch that even your smart-aleck pet cannot open.

Put a small blanket in the kennel before you take your pet on a trip to make it more stable and comfortable. Some suggest using newspaper as padding, but your guy could arrive with rubbed-off newsprint or try to eat the paper. If your pet has a short nose, don’t give it so much padding that it could bury its face. These animals need as much space as they can get to be able to breathe.

Consider in-cabin travel

If you have a cat or a small dog, he might fit under the seat in front of you. Ask your shipper about this because not all airlines allow pets on board, and even when they do, this option has pros and cons.

Try To Keep Their Normal Schedule

This might be challenging, given the chaos of moving, especially if you’re going to a different country, but try to see things from your pet’s point of view. Dogs and cats don’t like change, so try to keep things as normal as possible. Feed them at the same time and place every day. Give them a lot of time alone. When things are most crazy because of moving, put your dog in daycare or lock your cat in another room.

Remember that you are the pack’s leader regarding your four-legged family members. You make the rules. Your furry friend will also be less stressed if you are happy and relaxed. The more work you give your professional dog transport service, the more confident and calm you can be, making your long-distance move easier for you and your pet.